About Me

I’m Steve and I go by the online handle Steveocee (Steve-Oh-See), I am a 30 year old father of 4 who lives in Derbyshire.

For my day to day job I work for a leading Wireless ISP, I absolutely love my job and it brings me into contact with some fantastic kit that I get the chance to get my hands on and put it through it’s paces. I have a good few years now under my belt working for ISP’s and have been involved with all aspects of computing and networking. Now with the knowledge I’ve gained through both practical experience and scouring other peoples content I am hoping to write some blog posts to give something back.

From a very early age I have been around PC’s. I was actively steered away from being a console hooligan by my parents (fair play). As most young lads do, I did go through a console stage however am now comfortable gaming on PC again. I have no genre of preference. When it comes to games I game however the mood takes me although I do seem to fall back to Battlefield and Arma every so often between big titles.

When it comes to computers I am a big Ubuntu fan. Using it daily on my work desktop machine and my laptop. The Windows machine is kept around only for gaming.

When I’m doing “computer stuff” I work from my “office” which is a purpose built glorified block shed, this houses my many devices and computers and gives me room away from the house so if I happen to be on an all nighter or am recording videos overnight, I have somewhere to do it without worrying about waking the family.

When I have found something worth bringing to the world I have made a few Youtube videos and occasionally I do make it live onto Twitch so please do click onto my social links and give me a like/subscribe and I hope that you find my blog, successful encounters and tails of woe as entertaining as I do.