As a hobby to get me out of the Cave away from computers I took up Airsoft early in 2016. I made the move over from paintball which I played once a month however it started to lose it’s shine. Airsoft was a breath of fresh air, it was accurate, tactical, cheaper and an all around better day. I was hooked and my gun collection started to grow. Now I regularly use my upgraded VSR10 sniper rifle.

My RIF’s / Rifles / Guns;

Amoeba AM-008 – Upgraded with ProWin hopup and Nuprol bucking

Amoeba AM-003 CCP – Standard with King Arms 90mm suppressor

ASG Franchi SAS 12 Short Version Tri-Shot Shotgun – Standard

Tokyo Marui 5.1 HI Capa Gold Match – Standard

Tokyo Marui VSR10 G-SPEC – OD with ASPUK Sniper1 500FPS kit, Laylax PSS10 barrel and AA M150 spring

My other kit;
Bulldog tactical harness and yolk
British Army issue mag pouches (for VSR & Hi-capa mags)
British Army issue smoke grenade pouch (for smoke grenades)
Warrior universal pistol holder (for the Hi-Capa)
TMC 40mm grenade pouch for my TRMR
Condor universal pouch (for spare kit)
Geoffs 0.43g BB’s