A good TRMR molle pouch

Shortly after buying my first airsoft grenade, after marvelling at its beauty and thinking to myself “why on earth would I throw this away from myself?” I quickly found that carrying my TRMR was going to be a problem, it’s heavy and generally a well engineered cylinder shape that is significantly smaller than most pouches I could find.

I’ve worked my way through a few pouches trying to find something that would fit the bill really well. I tried the Viper smoke grenade pouch but it was massive, so big it would probably be a little loose on a BFG, the genuine army smoke grenade pouch which also whilst not as big as the Viper, still didn’t fit very well. I opted to do a few skirmishes with the grenade in a horizontal general purpose pouch but it just didn’t feel right. I then came across 40mm grenade pouches, these looked to be OK but I was a little cautious due to my previous failures.

I opted for the “TMC 40mm Grenade Single Molle Pouch Multicam”. Absolutely the perfect pouch which feels like it was made for the TRMR. A snug fit, built solidly with good stitching and a really robust won’t rip feel, both velcro and press stud for fastening as well as an elasticated bottom to help give it a bit of a push upwards when you rip the top off ready to deploy. So far I’ve skirmished it around 4 times and deployed the TRMR probably around 10 and each time I’ve felt confident that it would be there and not lay in the woods somewhere and secondly that it wasn’t about to drop off my battle belt as I ripped it open in a hurry.