My good conscience seedbox

When you use the phrases torrenting, filesharing or p2p you generally get a 50/50 reaction. Half of the people have no idea what you are talking about and the other half recoil in shock on the assumption that you are illegally sharing files and content and that you will inevitably get caught!

Torrenting isn’t a bad thing if it’s done for the right reasons, recently I’ve had to download a couple of distributions and a piece of software that are distributed by wither direct http download from a list of hosting sites or had the option to download via a torrent which got me thinking. For all of the times I’ve downloaded and redownloaded various Linux versions, Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu server, Raspbian and the likes. I’ve always just taken it for granted. Where as most people go out of the way to make sure the torrent box simply leeches I’ve actually gone out of my way to ensure it seeds, it doesn’t sound a lot or an especially heroic thing to do but I genuinely feel better about using the distributions I am doing knowing I’m helping to make them more available for other people like me.

Using Transmission to do my torrenting on a Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 VM I followed this guide with some minor adjustments to get the box running;

Then just insured that the peers port was correctly forwarded to my aptly named machine “seeder”


Since starting it I’ve seen a slight increase in traffic on my upload stream but then having set some limiting and QoS on the router it doesn’t affect any of my daily on goings and “needful” operations.